The more observant will have noticed that in November we ran a blog article about Snitch, an orphaned hedgehog that we had adopted via the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. A couple of people have asked what happened to the hog so sorry for the delay with the follow up. From November through to early March, Snitch spent his days sleeping and his nights eating, on some occasions upto 6 packets of cat food in a day supplemented with cat biscuits and meal worms. Even though his accommodation was cleaned every day we discovered that hedgehogs have a most distinctive (and not particularly pleasant) aroma! Despite this they are charming creatures and we were pleased to be able to do a little bit to help this popular British animal.

Following a move from the rabbit hutch to a hedgehog house and run, after a three week hibernation, Snitch was successfully released back to the wild in late April.

Further information about adopting a hedgehog can be found here

By Charles Lawson, Director at Forge Property Consultants