The green roof on Forge Barn is in full bloom at the moment. Green roofs have a number of benefits;

  • providing colour and interest to break up an otherwise bland roofline
  • providing wildlife habitat
  • slowing rainwater runoff
  • providing excellent insulation keeping interiors cool in summer and warm in winter

In terms of downsides;

  • A green roof is comparatively heavy at around 125kg per m2, about 2.5x the weight of slate, and structural advice might be needed.
  • It is quite an expensive roof covering, around £100 per square metre compared with slate at around £40 per square metre.

The Forge Barn green roof is sedum which is a low growing plant needing very little maintenance and tolerant of drought conditions. It is available in a variety of species offering a range of colours and heights. For anyone wanting to create a visually attractive and wildlife friendly roof a living roof is well worth considering.